Family kayaking 1

An awesome vacation kayaking with my family

Last year I had a wonderful time with my family during vacation. The vacation was ultimately made so satisfying by our choice to go kayaking. We had never tried kayaking before. My wife and I had been introduced to the idea by another family who were close friends. They had attempted kayaking during their vacation the previous year and they had loved it so much that they urged us to try it for our vacation.
The family, which lives a few blocks from where we live, consists of four members just like my family. Their kids are however older than my kids with a few years difference. My son is nine years old and my daughter is seven years old and so they are also old enough to go kayaking.
I had a little previous experience of kayaking but my wife and kids had not done kayaking before. This was therefore a very exciting prospect for them. They all good swimmers and therefore the idea of kayaking was not very daunting for them.
The Jones, our family friends, had purchased an inflatable kayak at the end of their vacation and they offered to lend it to us for our vacation period. Apparently they had loved their kayaking experience so much that after their vacation they had bought the kayak so that they could be using it regularly including over the weekends. The inflatable kayak was a large tandem kayak that could allow all four passengers.
The kayak proved to be highly advantageous for us. Being an inflatable kayak, despite having such a large capacity, it could be deflated and folded up into a very manageable size and packed into a bag. We were able to conveniently carry the kayak in the trunk of the car unlike where people have to carry hard shell kayaks in a trailer or on a carrier on top of their car. The inflatable kayak was also very light and could be easily carried around by one or two people.
When we got to the vacation destination, which was a kayaking resort, having our own kayak was also a big advantage for us since we did not have to incur the cost of hiring a kayak. All we had to do was pay a discounted amount to use the facilities. Having our own kayak, which was unique to the kayaks owned by the resort, also made us stand out and we looked like pro kayakers.
The tandem kayak could also conveniently take on all of us. Despite it being so large, the kayak was surprisingly easy to handle on the water. The kayak was very buoyant and steady on the waters which was suitable for my family who were novices at kayaking.
The kayak conveniently had two paddles. I used one and I gave the other to my wife who sat on the second seat just behind our son who was in the front seat. Our daughter took the seat behind my wife and I took the rear seat from which I could steer and control the kayak better.