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Hummus for healthy living and for healthy natural weight management

Hummus has become increasingly popular of late. In the US for example it has taken over entire supermarket sections. So what is it about hummus?
Made of a blend of chickpeas, tahini, garlic, olive oil and lemon juice, hummus is a simple but delicious dip served with crackers, tortilla chips or even flatbreads such as pita.
With its Middle Eastern origins, this dip boasts a wealth of health benefits. First, it is rich in fiber which helps keep your digestive tract running right. Secondly, it is rich in protein that helps to boost your bone, skin, muscle, and blood health.
Chickpeas, which are basically beans, contain nutrients that help lower cholesterol levels making one less susceptible to heart diseases. In addition, beans contain protective compounds such as protease inhibitors and saponins that guard cells from damage that could potentially cause cancer. Finally, tahinis as well as the chickpeas in it are rich in calcium which is great for your bones and for the elderly, it is important in preventing the onset of osteoporosis.
What’s more, hummus is a great addition to your diet if you are looking to lose weight. Studies have found that people who eat hummus tend to have smaller waists and generally healthier diets. They also tend to weigh less without going out of their way consuming fewer calories. Isn’t a smaller waist and weighing less without going on a diet music to all of our ears?
There are a couple of ways you can add your hummus to your diet to help with weight loss. First, since it is contains a lot protein, it is therefore a great substitute for meat as it plays the same role. It is a nutritious yet delicious option especially for aspiring vegetarians finding it hard to go cold turkey on the meat.
The protein and fiber in hummus balances blood sugar levels keeps you full causing you to snack less at the same time getting you energized for your workouts. In case you are craving a snack though, use hummus instead of mayo on that sandwich or simply dip some crackers for a low-calorie fix. And instead of using chips, use veggies instead for an equally tasty snack. Red paper or tomato slices are ideal.
If you have allergies, hummus is something you don’t have to worry about. It is gluten-free, dairy- free and nut-free. You can personalize your hummus to suit your taste simply by adding herbs, spices, veggies, fruits or any other healthy alternatives to the base. Also add a little water instead of the oil to lower the calories in it.
Hummus is a must-add to your daily diet. Easy to make, it’ll make your workouts more effective, curb your cravings, help you lose those extra pounds and fit in to those leggings you love. Also, something you can be guilt-free about having in that array of tempting unhealthy food set out at that party. Join the humus bandwagon today and get that dream body.

Be Healthy; Observe Natural Diets Made With the Right Kitchen Accessories

Health is very important in human life. For people to thrive, health must be given priority. However, with more responsibilities and bills that need to be paid, people have lost their focus on health matters. Sticking to a good diet and creating time for self-nourishment is becoming a rare thing. People are not paying the necessary attention to healthy living. More effort is channeled towards excelling in careers and making more money.
It is vital to find time for exercises and trying to eat chemical free foods. Natural foods offer the best balanced-diet that is highly recommended by health professionals. It is proven that many diseases that threaten human survival are caused by chemicals that we consume in GMO foods.
There are several natural foods that are known to have medicinal value. White tea is one of them. White tea is a unique beverage that has great curative values. For a long time, people in Asia have been using it due to its healing powers. It has been seen to eliminate risks of major types of cancer. It also eliminates risks of heart attack and related disorders. Taking it heals oral diseases and give a pleasant breath.
For people who have had their skins damaged by ailments, white tea is what you need. It will save you the hassle and risk of using expensive chemical based drugs which often come with numerous side effects. White tea has some oxidants and anti-aging elements that assist in maintaining good health and healthy skin. Those in modeling will be happy to use it for a radiant and vibrant skin. It is also said to be good for protecting the skin against harmful effects of UV light.
White tea was originally used in China. It is brewed from young dried tea leave buds. The tea does not undergo much processing. It has a slightly mild taste when compared to green and black tea. It’s called white tea due to the silvery-white appearance of the unopened buds that make it appear white. The drink is pale yellow
Besides taking a good diet, you also need to have the right kitchen accessories to prepare a suitable diet. Having the right kitchen devices will aid in delivering healthy food in less time and in a hygienic manner. In fact, beverages like coffee and tea are taken more often than foods. There is a need to have gadgets that will deliver.
Immersion blenders are great tools for delivering many kinds of foods and drinks. They are durable and reliable and quite high in performance. For travelers, immersion blenders are portable and you can easily carry them around. For those who spend long hours at their place of work, you can also have an immersion blender at your work place! Smoothie lovers will like the immersion blenders due to the fact this gadget will make flawless puree, smoothies, soup, and mayonnaise. They make these products at varying speed. These blenders are easy to use and clean.


The importance of a healthy lifestyle: focus on kayaking

A healthy lifestyle is an aspect that many people are increasingly embracing in modern times. People are starting to pay much more attention to their health than people in the past did. Today people are paying keen attention to the kinds of food they eat trying to eat the most healthy foods. They are also trying to engage in physical exercises to keep their bodies fit and to manage their body weight.
The increased interest in the importance of personal health is as a result of the increased weakening of the modern day man due to exposure to negative conditions. For example, mankind is today much weaker and more susceptible to diseases due to the kind of diet he feeds on. The modern day diet for mankind is usually composed of many unhealthy processed foods and junk foods. These are foods which lead to poor health.
By mostly eating junk foods and processed foods which are usually less costly, mankind is not able to get crucial nutrients that can only be found in natural organic foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole cereals. As such, the body will naturally suffer due to lack of these important nutrients.
Apart from becoming prone to diseases, excessive consumption of junk foods and processed foods usually leads to people gaining excessive weight which has many negative consequences including high blood pressure, heart problems, poor respiration, arthritis, and many other effects that can be fatal.
Modern lifestyle is also more laid back from physical exercise as compared to previous times. This also leads to lack of fitness and excessive weight gain.
It is therefore important for mankind today to find alternative ways of getting physical exercise. One way of doing this is by engaging in a physical intensive activity such as kayaking.
Kayaking is a water activity that has been used for fishing, hunting, travel, and sports. The kayak is a vessel that has many suitable features that makes it an ideal vessel for working out.
The kayak is very easy to use due to its design and therefore people of all skill and experience can use it effectively. This has also led the kayak to being embraced as a recreational vessel.
The kayak is moved and controlled by paddling. The action of paddling provides a great avenue for the paddler to work out and achieve effective physical training. The more exertion that one puts into the paddling generally translates to more workout.
During the paddling motions, the kayaker uses many different sets of the body muscles. This includes the hands, chest, abdominal muscles, core muscles, and the legs. As such, the paddler is able to get a very effective full body workout.
Kayaking is a fun activity that will keep the kayaker motivated unlike other training methods where the individual might get discouraged due to the dull and demanding routines. There are different designs of kayaks including sit in kayaks and sit on top kayaks. Sit on top kayaks provide the kayaker with a better position to move around and to enjoy the elements such as the sun while paddling.

Family kayaking 1

An awesome vacation kayaking with my family

Last year I had a wonderful time with my family during vacation. The vacation was ultimately made so satisfying by our choice to go kayaking. We had never tried kayaking before. My wife and I had been introduced to the idea by another family who were close friends. They had attempted kayaking during their vacation the previous year and they had loved it so much that they urged us to try it for our vacation.
The family, which lives a few blocks from where we live, consists of four members just like my family. Their kids are however older than my kids with a few years difference. My son is nine years old and my daughter is seven years old and so they are also old enough to go kayaking.
I had a little previous experience of kayaking but my wife and kids had not done kayaking before. This was therefore a very exciting prospect for them. They all good swimmers and therefore the idea of kayaking was not very daunting for them.
The Jones, our family friends, had purchased an inflatable kayak at the end of their vacation and they offered to lend it to us for our vacation period. Apparently they had loved their kayaking experience so much that after their vacation they had bought the kayak so that they could be using it regularly including over the weekends. The inflatable kayak was a large tandem kayak that could allow all four passengers.
The kayak proved to be highly advantageous for us. Being an inflatable kayak, despite having such a large capacity, it could be deflated and folded up into a very manageable size and packed into a bag. We were able to conveniently carry the kayak in the trunk of the car unlike where people have to carry hard shell kayaks in a trailer or on a carrier on top of their car. The inflatable kayak was also very light and could be easily carried around by one or two people.
When we got to the vacation destination, which was a kayaking resort, having our own kayak was also a big advantage for us since we did not have to incur the cost of hiring a kayak. All we had to do was pay a discounted amount to use the facilities. Having our own kayak, which was unique to the kayaks owned by the resort, also made us stand out and we looked like pro kayakers.
The tandem kayak could also conveniently take on all of us. Despite it being so large, the kayak was surprisingly easy to handle on the water. The kayak was very buoyant and steady on the waters which was suitable for my family who were novices at kayaking.
The kayak conveniently had two paddles. I used one and I gave the other to my wife who sat on the second seat just behind our son who was in the front seat. Our daughter took the seat behind my wife and I took the rear seat from which I could steer and control the kayak better.

Fishing kayaks 3

A brief look at Fishing kayaks and fishing equipment

Over the last few decades, fishing industry has experienced tremendous growth. Sport fishing in particular has been popularized as an outdoors activity in many countries across the globe. The reason for this growth can be attributed to the development of fishing kayaks that are inexpensive and require little maintenance. They occupy small space in the garage and can be easily launched on to the waters. Many anglers have specialized in customizing their kayaks for fishing while others are buying kayaks that are already customized.
Fishing kayaks come in different models. The most basic are the sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks. Sit-in kayaks refer to those kayaks with seats in a cock pit where the anglers sits as they fish. These kayaks require great skill to maneuver and hence they are best suited for skilled kayakers. They are narrow and long with limited storage space. These kayaks are mostly used by anglers who fish during winter as they help them keep warm and dry.
Sit-on-top kayaks on the other hand are the best for the inexperienced anglers. They are short and broad, a feature that enhances their stability. An angler can stand on top of the kayak and fish comfortably from a stationary position. These kayaks have scuppers that drain water continuously from the kayak. Sit-on top fishing kayaks can carry up to four peddlers at a go making them the best choice for tandem kayaking. It is easy to customize a sit-on-top kayak for fishing than a sit-in-kayak.
Inflatable fishing kayaks are the new development in kayak fishing. These are kayaks made from high quality PVC or rubber that is strengthened to enhance durability. They are extremely light and easily portable compared to other kayaks. Some are capable of carrying up to 600 pounds whilst weighing less than 60 pounds. Inflatable fishing kayaks are the best for beginners. They come with huge storage spaces where anglers can store fishing gear and other personal effects. Inflatable kayaks are suitable for tandem kayaking.
There has been also great achievement by fishing equipment manufacturers who have made the sport more accessible and enjoyable to both beginners and expert anglers. Specially designed fishing kayaks with advanced features such as rod holders, electronic fish finders, anchor systems and built in coolers have hit the industry with a bang. Traditional fishing equipment has been replaced by more efficient modern equipment that utilizes new technology.
Most of the fishing equipment has been designed for use in different environments and to achieve specific purpose. For instance, fishing equipment for use in salty waters is mostly made of graphite. This is so because graphite materials can tolerate saline environments. However, graphite is a weak material and therefore equipment made of graphite is not the best for use in rough environments or for catching big fish.
Aluminum on the other hand makes strong fishing equipment. They are mostly used for catching bigger fish in rough conditions. Aluminum on the other hand cannot be used in saline environments.


Dealing with Dandruff

Apple cider vinegar is a great remedy for a lot of different things including itchy scalp. Yes, it is able to help with your dandruff problem. If you use it the right way you can get rid of your itchy scalp for good. You won’t have to purchase another dandruff product for the rest of your life. A $1 bottle of apple cider vinegar can change the way you handle all of your hair problems. And here are some added juicing recipes to keep you healthy and strong.
Dandruff & Apple Cider Vinegar
Many people think they get dandruff because they don’t drink enough water or they shampoo their hair a little too often. This isn’t true though. It is not easy to get rid of dandruff, but you can find some natural remedies that help to improve the condition extensively. Using apple cider vinegar for dandruff one such remedy that helps eliminate dandruff and makes things manageable. Keep reading to learn why apple cider vinegar (ACV) works against dandruff and how you should use it.
Dandruff can make your hair look dull. People get dandruff due to an overgrowth of a naturally occurring yeast-like fungus, called pityrosporumovale. Stress, allergies, and many other factors can lead to the overgrowth of this fungus that accompanies with itchiness and scaling. The dandruff is not, as commonly believed, caused by too much washing or lifestyle issues; instead, it is due to the over productive scalp yeast, and the dead cells get together on the scalp resulting in bacteria accumulation. With time passing by, the dead cells turn into white flakes and you will feel itchy on your scalp.
Juicing Recipes
The cucumber lemon cleanse is one of the best juicing recipes when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off. Having one of these amazing juicers will help you to prepare your blend of juices more effectively. The cucumber lemon cleanse consists of a large cucumber, one half of a lemon, and a half a cup of water which is optional. This particular blend of juices helps to remove toxins from the body while providing it with the nutrients it needs for daily energy.

Greens over ice is another cleans that can help you lose weight and keep it off. This cleanse also provides you with a daily boost of energy and a lot of extra fiber. This cleans consists of one green apple, one red apple, three handfuls of spinach, 2 large stalks of Kale, and half of a cucumber. You start off by blending the spinach and the Kale and then adding the two apples as well as the cucumber. Make sure that it is well-blended before drinking.

Wine Workout

The Wine Workout

Is it safe to hit the gym after having one drink at brunch or happy hour? Nope. We get that it may seem like it’s fine, as you’ve probably seen friends dash off to yoga after Saturday brunch and they’re still living and breathing. But experts say that your friends are seriously in the wrong for a couple of reasons.

To begin, booze affects your performance—and we’re not just talking about the “ooh, I was drunkish at yoga and totally fell over during downward dog” kind of way. Nope, this is more of a physiological thing. See, when you exercise, your body uses glucose that’s stored in your liver for fuel. The problem is that when you drink, the alcohol also gets metabolized in your liver—that same liver!—which means that booze inhibits your ability to use your glucose stores effectively, Lewis-McCormack says. As a result, you’re not going to get the energy you need, and you simply won’t be as good.

Furthermore, alcohol dehydrates you. And considering you already need more liquids to replenish your body properly during exercise, if you work out after a glass of wine or beer, you’ll likely be even more dehydrated. That’s not only dangerous, but it also decreases your performance level overall.
And finally, working out post-cocktail puts you at a higher risk for injury, Lewis-McCormack says. The reason: When you exercise, you create inflammation in your body. And alcohol itself is an inflammatory, so do the math: You’re basically inflaming an already-naturally-inflamed body. And that double-up effect means you’re more prone to injuries in the long run, she says.
The body of your dreams starts with the right sneakers on your feet. Our testers put dozens of the latest pairs through their paces to find these top picks. Here, find the best running shoes for the trail, cross training and more. Need a stability shoe or suffer from high arches? We’ve got the best shoes for you, too!
Sneaker treads, or outsoles, typically come in two forms: carbon rubber (usually all black) or a combination of colorful blown rubber and black carbon rubber (like that of Mizuno’s Wave Inspire 5 running shoe, shown here). “Carbon rubber is more durable and can provide more traction, while blown rubber is softer and lighter for more flexibility and less weight in your stride,” says Garrett Sheehan, a customer experience coach at Road Runner Sports in San Diego. Trail-shoe outsoles are almost always carbon rubber, and the deeper their lugs, the better they are for rocky terrain
“The top part of your sneaker, aka the upper, is all about comfort and style,” says Sheehan. “Look for one that allows your toes to move around freely and doesn’t have seams that rub against your skin.” While the upper can be made of any material, from leather to plastic, the more mesh there is, the more breathable your shoe will be.

The Best Vacuums in Town

The Best Vacuums in Town

Cleaning up pet hair can be a bigger pain than it is worth. It takes a lot of time and effort to get all of that hair off of your carpet. Pet hair tends to cause allergies and nobody wants to deal with that. There are many vacuums on the market that have the ability to pick up pet hair with ease so you don’t have to vacuum multiple times a day. This not only keeps the pet allergies away but it also keeps your home looking clean and fresh. Here are some of the top pet vacuums of 2015.

Dyson Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Pet hair should fear this amazing vacuum cleaner from Dyson. It uses radical root cyclone technology that allows the air to flow quicker than ever and maximize suction power. It has a strong suction at the head of the cleaner and can be easily adjusted and even works on hard floors. It is very lightweight and durable and stores away easily. This is one of the highest rated pet vacuum cleaners on You can purchase this vacuum for a little under $500 and it is worth every single penny.

Hoover T-Series Wind Tunnel Pet Bag-less Vacuum

This vacuum is just as powerful but not quite as expensive. Hoover is well known for their high quality vacuum cleaners and this is no exception. It comes with a fold down handle which makes it easy for you to store and perfect for small storage areas. The cord automatically winds which makes it easy to put away. It comes equipped with a brush roll shut off pedal that makes it simple to go from carpet to hard wood floors. This vacuum can be purchased online for less than $130.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum

If you are looking for a great pet vacuum but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg this is a good choice for you. You can purchase this little handheld vacuum for under $25. This is the perfect vacuum to clean out your car and small upholstered furniture. It is equipped with multi-level filtration and an interchangeable hard nozzle. It is very powerful for a handheld vacuum and will help you to clean up all of that annoying pet hair in your car and on other small surfaces.


All of these vacuums are very useful and durable and fit just about every need you could have. Pet hair no longer has to be a problem when you have one of these amazing vacuums. No matter what your budget is you are sure to find one that fits your needs. Say goodbye to pet hair today.

The Best Vacuums in Town Credit Picture License: Schotzy, circa 2000 via photopin cc

The Unfriendly Side of Meds

The Unfriendly Side of Meds

When you have a dog is among your biggest priorities. They become a big part of your loved ones and making sure they remain along with you for an extended time is crucial. Sometimes your dogs have conditions which make it a bit more challenging for you to ensure they stay healthy. There are several medications available which will help your dog live a much more comfortable life should they suffer from conditions on account of strain and aging. Here are several medications that can help your pet to live a considerably more joyful and longer life.


Rimadyl is an anti-inflammatory drug that is accepted by the FDA to alleviate inflammation and pain. Pain medicines like aspirin are not useless for individuals may be hazardous for your pet. It continues to be proven safe for the pet to take a couple of times a day and is strongly suggested by many veterinarian all over the planet.

Rimadyl side effects include: diarrhea and nausea. Here is the initial drug to be approved for dogs who are afflicted with arthritis in America. Rimadyl is harmless for your pet and will really help them get back to their regular lives.


Previcox for dogs is used when they grow old and develop osteoarthritis. In case your pet has some type of orthopedic surgery, this is drug is, in addition, given to your dog as an anti-inflammatory. While it is chiefly used for arthritis it can also be useful for bone and muscle injuries in your dog. There are some side effects that come with your dog taking this type of medication.

— Dark feces

— Gut pains

— Vomiting

— Diarrhea

— Lethargy

This drug may also be utilized for dogs that have developed cancer tumors and/or as a method of chemotherapy. Regardless of the reason this medicine is taken by your dog, it is necessary to know that they have routine blood tests through your veterinarian and must be carefully monitored.


The best possible thing you can do your pet is to make sure he/she is properly cared for. If your dog is growing older and has issues with joint pain then you need to have them seen by a vet right away. It is only a matter of time before the situation gets worse and medication won’t be helpful.

Both of these medications have the ability to reduce inflammation and keep pain down to a minimum. It is important to make sure that your dog has the right medication or matters could get worse over time. Do what is best for your pet and you are sure to keep him around for a very long time.

The Unfriendly Side of Meds Credit Picture License: Patti’s Pet perfection via photopin cc

Treating Old Bones Naturally

Treating Old Bones Naturally

As your dog grows older he is more likely to have aches and pains in his bones and joints. It can be extremely painful for him and it may keep him from doing all of the things that he loves. The good news is that he doesn’t have to suffer. There are medications available that can help your pet through his golden years. There is a wide variety of pain medications for dogs that can be used to help with aches and pains. Keep reading to find out more about how you can help your pet with pain meds.

Pain Meds for Dogs

Nobody likes to see their dog suffer from any type of pain. This is when many pet owners turn to the products that are already in their homes – this is generally fine in the event that you are doing some research first and comprehend which ‘human medicines’ are not dangerous to use on dogs, and which are not.

But there are several medicines which shouldn’t be given to dogs (or cats) and going ahead and dosing your dog without checking first could lead to disaster. Here’s a quick look where over-the-counter human pain meds you might manage to utilize, but there is a caveat here too.

Certain drugs can be contra-indicated if your furry friend has specific health states (such as kidney or liver problems), or is taking other medicines. It is consistently better to be safe than sorry. Aspirin may be used relatively as a pain medicine for dogs. In addition, it reduces inflammation and swelling and reduces a temperature. It may normally be utilized for mild aches and pains as a short term treatment, but it is crucial that you be cautious in regards to the dosage.

Glucosamine for Dogs

Glucosamine is a member of several food supplements. It helps your dog through pain that comes from arthritis and joint pain. Much like vitamins, nutraceuticals are food-like materials with a drug-like actions in the body and considerably aid health and wellbeing.

The good news about nutraceuticals is simply because they mimic materials occurring naturally in the entire body, and are very safe with limited side effects. It is a sugar molecule based on the chemical break down of chitin such as prawns and crabs. Because most glucosamine for dogs is created from animal waste which would otherwise be thrown away, this is great news.


If you do not want to see your dog suffer then it is time to take him to the vet and get him checked out right away. No dog deserves to be in any type of pain. Take care of your dog and you will be rewarded greatly.

Treating Old Bones Naturally Credit Picture License: DSC_0234 via photopin cc