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Which Real Disease Would Be Most Likely To Spark a Zombie Apocalypse?

Zombies have been part of popular culture for a number of decades, but in the last few years they have really exploded. From a hit television series to a movie involving zombie chickens, you can even run in a 5k competition that has you trying to avoid real zombies!

This fascination with zombies begs a relevant question – is there a disease out there, right now, that could spark a real human zombie apocalypse? If so, how could we protect ourselves from it? Continue reading

Living on the Extreme Edge

Some people like to stay active by doing relatively mild recreational activities. Walking, jogging, casual weight lifting, even rock climbing (as long as you’re not solo free climbing) or martial arts can be relatively safe, tame activities.

Then there are the active people who constantly seek out new thrills. These people seek out the most dangerous, risky sports and always try to push the limits of their bodies. These people might be free climbing mountains without a rope, base jumping, even simply lifting weights and roiding up until they look like cartoons (see video below). Continue reading

Most Dangerous Cities To Travel To

Came across a pretty interesting article on the 10 most dangerous cities in 2013.  Pretty interesting, though if the article was based on 100% accurate data, it looks like all of the top 10 cities would be in Latin America.

Probably the craziest thing is how bad things have gotten in mexico.  Since when is Acapulco so damn dangerous?  Instead of bikini clad co-eds, we have dismembered bodies.  The world can be a pretty scary place eh?